Monday, 4 June 2007

Alright so, here we go!

Ignore that last entry folks, I just felt like entering something in!

Anyway, hi! I'm Eric, like the title of this blog suggests and also like what it suggests, I'm going to use this mostly as an "art dump" as in a cheap art portfolio site (yeah, I was going to make a proper site for my work but I'm normally very tied up with time so I decided to stop. x3). As often as I can, I will update this blog with some of my artwork, weather it's old or new and original or stuff I did with somebody else's character! All the best stuff will be here.

You see, I'm a freelance artist/cartoonist and I've been drawing since I've been tiny and I'm still very eager of following one of my biggest dreams and aspirations and that's being an animator, working for major animated movies and/or TV shows and then eventually founding my own animation studio and making major animated movies with that studio too. It's quite a big thing to try and achieve but hell, I'm going to try!

If anybody want to see my real blog, you can find it here (friends only). I'm also a member of the art community site DeviantArt which out of all the other art community sites I've joined is the best one out of the lot to post your work so I thought it would be worthwhile to link my page right here. For any more info you want on me as a person, there are some short, quick facts on my About Me section (which I renamed because of how much I loathe those things! XD) but if you want to know even more or if you want to make a request, e-mail me at my public e-mail address, "jacewazhere(AT)yahoo(DOT)co(DOT)uk" or contact me through AIM by adding "EricBoot" to the buddies list and contacting me whenever you see me online (and if my status says I'm online).

Thanks for reading this and I hope you'll stick around to see some of my stuff! Salutations for now!

- Eric B.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

"Hello. Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home?"

First post is a test post. Woo.

First proper post will come tomorrow, don't go!