Saturday, 14 July 2007

Another pic

This really should of been the first pic to be submitted into this blog, ah well. XD

I done this in October 2006 and the quote was inspired by something my Mum said while we were watching some art programme which featured stuff at Tate Modern and they over-analysed on the stuff featured and put all these abstract meanings into them. It was one of the funniest things I've heard any of my relations say last year so I had to made a pic out of it and here we are. And yes, that is mean't to be a chibi version of the real-life me before you ask anything about that perticular little guy on the side of the screen.

More to come very soon, stay tuned!

- Eric B.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Jesus, where am I lately?

Can't believe it! Been here for well over a month and I haven't posted anything yet. Well now I'm going to change that and post a few things. Bear in mind that the recent stuff might need to be coloured in as they're still in black and white (I'll do that eventually if I feel that the picture really does need to be coloured in).

So the first pic I'll put in is this one I drew months and months ago, which I very recently uploaded to DA during Madonna's Live Earth (why?) performance in London (obviously I wasen't there and it was on TV, hence how I got access to the internet):

I was inspired of course from seeing stuff about the latest Billy and Mandy movie ("The Wrath of the Spider Queen", I'm now eagerly awaiting it's UK TV premire) from Maxwell Atom's blog and from seeing those newer and frankly grotesque music videos of Madonna dancing around in that pink leotard for this perticular pic. The slight crappiness is due to it being about 1:15am by the time I started on the pic (I was bored that night and sometimes when I'm bored at night, I just draw some stuff. And yes, I do have very slight insomnia). I actually drew quite a lot of spidery things that perticular night, I even did some picture based on the main character of that old BBC cartoon from earlier years but as it was already about 2am and I was already having a tiny bit of artist's block already, it was pretty bad. XD

This is another recent one (which I'm still thinking about weather or not I should colour it in):

Now this obviously was inspired by Shrek the Third and how Dreamworks are milking the cash-cow of the success of the original movie even if by the second movie the udders were already bleeding in the bucket. I really liked the first Shrek movie, second one was okay too but I refuse to see the third one as now they seem to be going way too desperate (they're even making a Puss-in-Boots spin-off and forth Shrek movie) so in light of my fustration, I decided to draw this spoof comic inspired also by negative comments from fellow members of DeviantArt. I think it turned out very well, apart from the unicorn on the last frame. It was the first time I drew an actual horse of any kind and it came out very poorly in my opinion, the reason why Donkey turned out absolutely terrific in comparison is because I was lucky enough to have an old Burger King toy of Donkey to use for reference.

Next pic is definetly not new but I thought it would be appropriate to put it in the first post anyway:

This is the current reference sheet of the character who's practically a "furry character" of myself or to put it in the right term, my "fursona". His name is Jace (last name's Furse, the last name came when I registered on the online "virtual world" game Second Life as that name and that identity) and I've used that character since November 2005 which is a pretty long time for how long I use my characters. This reference sheet was made in Easter 2006 and introduced a few changes with his character design, which are still being used today.

Another newer one:

Ah, the infamous Eagle Vs. Shark poster I made. Why did I say infamous? I'll go through this step by step. You see, DeviantArt held a contest promoting the movie "Eagle Vs. Shark" inviting people to create their own poster for the movie, which if it gets 1st place will be used the promote the movie in an American magazine called The Onion. So I got a great idea in my head and put it to paper before doing the never-before-attempted-on-this-scale task of colouring in the linework and putting it to a background before putting the text and logos in. Most people who entered just cut-and-pasted publicity images of the movie onto some funky background and mess around a little bit so a poster like this I felt was a refreshing alternative to those entries. Now, I didn't really enter it purely just to win, of course not, it's just that I entered because I thought that (because the contest organisers very badly worded a few bits in the contest info) Taiki Waititi, who's the director of the movie, would give out feedback to most of the entries. Turns out, he only gave feedback to the winning entry (which was a cut-and-paste one) and every other entry apart from the 2nd and 3rd entry they totally ignored, they didn't even give thanks to anyone else who entered! Which I thought was so unfair that I complained directly to the news article on the winning entries. This got a bit more attention but straight after complaining I really did feel quite bad about complaining, even if the contest was really unfair I didn't mean to make myself look like such an attention-seeking little a-hole. So that's why it's infamous, not sure if it's truly infamous but in my mind it is. That said, I'm still really happy with this and after taking the lead characters from the movie's names off the eagle and shark I created, I'll use the character again for something else and make them my own. Still wish there was a way to show this to Taiki Waititi himself without looking like a total arse or stalker. Ah well...*sigh*...

And I know this wasen't totally created by me but I just thought I'd put it in anyway:

This is a near-enough Simpsons self-portrait of yours truly that I created on the official Simpsons Movie website (look it up). The only real inaccuracies with this are the fact that I don't wear brown shoes (I don't even wear loafers and white made them look bad so I chose brown) and the other inaccuracy is I'm not that fat! I chose that figure for this purely because the thinner one I felt was a bit too thin for me and even if I'm not really fat, I'm definetly not really thin neither so in the end I just chose that figure instead of the thinner one. Then again, in some strange way, it actually looks better that way. Dunno why. XD

And that's it for now! More pics coming up very soon, hope you enjoyed my work so far and would like to stick around for more.

Syronara for now!

- Eric B.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Alright so, here we go!

Ignore that last entry folks, I just felt like entering something in!

Anyway, hi! I'm Eric, like the title of this blog suggests and also like what it suggests, I'm going to use this mostly as an "art dump" as in a cheap art portfolio site (yeah, I was going to make a proper site for my work but I'm normally very tied up with time so I decided to stop. x3). As often as I can, I will update this blog with some of my artwork, weather it's old or new and original or stuff I did with somebody else's character! All the best stuff will be here.

You see, I'm a freelance artist/cartoonist and I've been drawing since I've been tiny and I'm still very eager of following one of my biggest dreams and aspirations and that's being an animator, working for major animated movies and/or TV shows and then eventually founding my own animation studio and making major animated movies with that studio too. It's quite a big thing to try and achieve but hell, I'm going to try!

If anybody want to see my real blog, you can find it here (friends only). I'm also a member of the art community site DeviantArt which out of all the other art community sites I've joined is the best one out of the lot to post your work so I thought it would be worthwhile to link my page right here. For any more info you want on me as a person, there are some short, quick facts on my About Me section (which I renamed because of how much I loathe those things! XD) but if you want to know even more or if you want to make a request, e-mail me at my public e-mail address, "jacewazhere(AT)yahoo(DOT)co(DOT)uk" or contact me through AIM by adding "EricBoot" to the buddies list and contacting me whenever you see me online (and if my status says I'm online).

Thanks for reading this and I hope you'll stick around to see some of my stuff! Salutations for now!

- Eric B.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

"Hello. Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home?"

First post is a test post. Woo.

First proper post will come tomorrow, don't go!